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When Your Heart Stops Beating
2006 Interscope Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords sued:
Am    x02210
G/B   x2x003
C     x32010
Dm    xx0231
F     133211
G#    466544

Intro: Am  G/B C  Dm  Am  G/B C  F (x2)

Verse 1:
       Am                           G/B    C
I wake up at the end of a long dark lonely year
              Dm               Am
it's bringing out the worst in me
                        G/B         C
I hear your voice start breaking in fear
when the lights go down
       Am                    G/B     C
and I still feel you looking over my shoulder
your sinking guilt and approaching nightmare
Am                           G/B
  and I know none of us will survive
C                   F
  cause I know everything

Interlude: Am  G/B C  Dm  Am  G/B C  F

Verse 2:
       Am                               G/B   C
and my dear I need you to move a little faster
the second cast is the rest of your life
Am                             G/B   C     
  your final word and an itchy finger
then it's taken away
          Am                              G/B    C
and we'll be beaten down without mercy or meaning
I turn my face to a careless skyline
Am                                   G/B   C                      
  I'm searching hard for a sign from heaven
but they've forgotten me here

C                   Dm              Am
  You can just stop talking I get it
(I hear your silence loud and clear)
C                     Dm                        Am
  I know its barely a thought, but it'll see us through
C                 Dm                    Am
  I'm only saying please to just let it happen
(let it happen and we'll make it through)
C                        Dm              Am
  yeah you can just stop talking I get it

Interlude: Am  G/B C  Dm  Am  G/B C  F

Verse 2:
Am                          G/B     C
  Sex, fuck and flourescent lighting
a hollow point on an angry bullet
Am                             G/B C
  we're on the teeth of a crocodile
we're in the mouth of a gun
        Am                                      G/B   C
and sometimes at night I feel I'm just a broken vessel
an instrument with a darker purpose
Am                                       G/B     C
  I'm at the throat of the young and the helpless
cause they've got nothing to say

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: C  Dm  Am   G# (x2)

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: Am  G/B C  Dm  Am  G/B C  F (x2) end on Am
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