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Poco - Ride The Country tab

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Ride the Country
Intro:  F#  B (3X)  G#
F#             B            F#          B
In she comes a-ridin', on a mornin' sunrise
     F#         B                  F#                B
I am left to believing all that is standing before my eyes
      D#m   G#        D#m    G#
And I wonder,   Now I wonder
B					   F#
Would the sun have shown ever so brightly alone

We been livin' all of our lives on the other side of the hill
Drifting on a golden wing, and I can't wait to hear the smile
She can sing, She can sing 
Take me through the day, steal my breath away

       F#                    B            
And we ride the countryside, take it high and wide, 
F#  		                     B
She brings the crackers, cheese and wine
            D#m                G#
Oh, they're gonna bust my side

And she's got strawberries comin' by the dozen
Brown sugar and sweet cream
Set my mouth, set my mouth a-buzzin'

F#               B            F#                B
Take my hand and run, take me down to the river blue
        F#             B
Throw a whisper to the wind 
                D#m          G#            D#m    G#
That all you're sayin' is true,  all you're sayin' is true 

F#       B            F#               B
Ride the countryside, Take me high and wide (repeat and fade)

by: Josť Duarte
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