Poco - Carzy Love chords

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Crazy Love

(Capo on 1st fret)

G - D pause

Tonight I'm gonna break away
 A        GM7      D
Just you wait and see
      D         GM7
I'll never be imprisoned by
 A      GM7 D-pause
A faded memory

Just when I think I'm over her
      A      GM7      D
This broken heart will  mend
            D        GM7
I hear her name and I  have to cry
      A         GM7    D-pause
The tears come down again


It happens all the time
      A      D
This crazy love o' mine
Wraps around my heart
 A         D
Refusin' to unwind
GM7  A    G/D    D     GM7  A-GM7-D pause
Ooh-hoo,  crazy love,  ahh-hah

Count the stars in a summer sky
      A      GM7    D
That fall without a  sound
             D           GM7 
And wind pretend that you  can't hear
        A        GM7    D-pause
These teardrops comin' down

(Repeat Chorus, 1st verse & Chorus)

                  GM7 hold
Tonight I'm gonna break away

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