Polar Bear Club - As Twere The Mirror tab

I'm an avid Polar Bear Club listener and I find it astonishing the lack of guitar tabs
these guys have. This song has a really cool sounding melodic riff, so I thought I'd tab
it out. I'd say it's pretty damn spot-on. I've checked and rechecked it a bunch of times 
and even played it over the song. It's just the main riff that I have so far. Better 
than nothing.

Anyways, here you go.

Song: As 'Twere the Mirror (Track 6)
Album: Sometimes Things Just Disappear (2008)
Band: Polar Bear Club


That's all there is to it. Don't be alarmed by that unconventional chord at the
end...That's just how this band does things. Pretty easy tab; I selected intermediate because
the fingering is a bit odd.
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