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Pompeii - Numbers chords

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Assembly (2006)
Tabbed by Jess/Abongchong

Comments/ratings would be appreciated, I'm not entirely sure on some parts so any help 
correcting anything that might need it would be cool. :)
Otherwise, totally amazing song!

Note: For the E5 in the chorus, play it so the root note is on the seventh fret of your 
And this site fucked up my formatting so the words won't be entirely aligned with the 
changes but I got it to go as best I could.


Then the rhythm plays on E and the lead goes something like (it's not exact but sounds 
to play along):

E                          F#5        A
Came at you in silence, my back at the wall

I've seen those nights where you binge and purge

E                                              F#5            A
Those locks on your doors tell me when you're crouched on all fours

Counting tile, losing bile and sleep

E                                             F#5             A
It's just a diet, I've kept it quiet, even if you told all my family

And friends they would never believe it

E                             F#5        A
I think you're right, I can't believe it too

A                       E
That it's you, but it's you


E5                               A5
My problems hide in numbers that leave when I gag and heave

I weighed out every option, that scale's not fit for advice

E5                       A5
Medical language won't ever help to shape this if that

mind is just as frail as it's frame you know I'd leave it alone

Rhythm sits on E, lead plays

E                                                 A
We can beat genetics, adopting new aesthetics for beautiful bodies

Figures ever-so-slender

E                                         A
Taking control, oh. Oh, what a nice, nice thing.

A           E5                            A5
Besides, my problems hide in numbers that leave when I gag and heave

And heaving's kind of hard with your hands tied round your waist

E5                           A5
Point out the obvious, tell me how dangerous

Then bundle every fight in an "isn't right" and leave it alone

Outro section:

Alternate between A5 and B5 for one bar each, and then when the cello comes in, 
between playing E and A for two bars each.
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