Pond - Gringolets Drunken Baggage tab

Here's a rather obscure song by Pond. From their amazing debut album Psychedelic 
Mango (released in 2009).

h= hammer on
s= slide

Main Riff

e--------------------------------|                  e-----------------|
B--------------------------------|                  B-----------------|
G---------------9h11-9-----------| After the vocals G-----------------|
D----------------------11-10-9-7-| stop, play this  D-----------------|
A-7-9-9--7-9-9-------------------|                  A-7-9-9--7-9-9-10-|
E--------------------------------|                  E-----------------|

Then play this progression:

C F G Bb and finish with C B A

Repeat all of the above (for the second verse and chorus)

And now the jam part:


After that there's other C F G Bb progression finishing with C B A

And finally play the Main Riff for about a minute and half and there you go.

Enjoy and leave feedback. If you got any corrections please put it in the comments 
(this is only my second tab).
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