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Pop Will Eat Itself - Harry Dean Stanton tab

     Harry Dean Stanton, by Pop Will Eat Itself

   ..Tabbed out by my bass teacher and I.

I love this song.. You'll need a six string bass to play this though, I'm
sorry to say. ( correction: to play this easily.. it can be played on a
four or five string, but not how I've tabbed it ) I hope this is right,
someone who really has a six string should try it out and tell me. :)

Part A:

  G:|---------------------|   This is the very beginning,
  D:|---------------------|   before the chanting stuff
  A:|---------------------|   starts. Repeat as much as
  E:|---------------------|   necessary.

Part B:

  G:|--------------------------|   Here is what's played during
  D:|--------------------------|   the weird chanting..

Part C:

  G:|-----------------------------|  Finally, here is the part that starts
  D:|-----------------------------|  after 'in 1991 I got glassed..'

That's not the whole song, but it's the essential bits.. stick them together,
and there you are.

        written out by noah, email to with comments,
        letters of appreciation, and other tabs. :)

                              " Never been in love with no one, sign up,
                                join the programme, within me, within you "
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