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Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways Acoustic tab

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Song: The Sky Moves Sideways (Acoustic)
Written by: Porcupine Tree (Steven Wilson)

Tabbed by Donnet GŁemes (


Standard tuning

Am       G        Fmaj7
     We lost the skyline
Am                    G      Fmaj7
     We stepped right off the map
Dm                  Bb
     Drifted in to blank space
Am                 G      Fmaj7
     And let the clocks relapse

Am       G          Fmaj7
     We laughed the rain down
Am             G      Fmaj7
     Slow burn on the lawn
Dm                     Bb
     Ghosts across the lawn
Am             G      Fmaj7
     Swallowed up the storm


Em              Bb                 Am
    Sometimes I...    feel like a fist
Em                 Bb                      Am
    Sometimes I am...     the colour of air
Em                     Bb
   Sometimes it's only afterwards
I find that I'm not there

G      Fmaj7
In the dream dusk
Am                G       Fmaj7
     We walked beside the lake
Dm                            Bb
     We watched the sky move sideways
Am                 G       Fmaj7
     And heard the evening break

Repeat chorus
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