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Porcupine Tree - Sentimental Acoustic tab

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This is the acoustic version of Sentimental with the chords wich Steven Wilson USES!!!!

Intro:  Am  F/C - Dm - E
Verse:  Am - F/C - Dm - E
Chorus: Am - F/C - Dm

Am                   F/C
    I never wanna be old  

      Dm                    E
And I don't want dependents 

Am                    F/C
    It's no fun to be told 

         Dm                          E
That you can't blame your parents anymore 

Am                   F/C
    I'm finding it hard 

                     Dm   E
to hang from a star 

Don't wanna be 
[ Tab from: ]
I don't wanna be old

    Sullen and bored the kids stay 

       F/C                                 Dm
And in this way they wish away each day 

    Stoned in the mall the kids play 

       F/C                                 Dm
And in this way they wish away each day

(Same pattern as first verse)

I don't really know 
If I care what is normal 
And I'm not really sure 
If the pills I've been taking are helping 
I'm wasting my life Hurting inside I don't really know And I'm not really sure?..


Interlude/Solo: (played with a similar strum to Trains)

Dsus2 - Am - Dsus2 - F

(F/C - 012330)
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