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Close the Lid

  D             G             A             G

  A         G

Bm                   A       G
Put me on a boat and cut the line
Bm                                  A           G
The fishings been much better but the weather's fine
    A                                   G
And all my friends are here to kill the time
    A                            G
And all the things I love are in rewind
Bm                              A  G
And I wont care if they all just dissapear
Bm                                        A  G
Cause you know Ill be coming back here every year
        A              G        A             G
But the promise of the fall and winter's lazy call
            A                  G
They got me pinned against the wall
           A             G
And all we are is all in all

Riff 1
And Im not afraid to die
Riff 2
As long as your by my side
Riff 3                 
We can sleep the whole year through
Riff 1
And then I will up and leave
Riff 2
To show you that I believe
Riff 3
In the way things used to be

Riff 4 x4

Put me in box and close the lid
Put me on a shelf, keep me well hid
And everything I said, and everything I did
And everyone Ive known since I's a kid
And keep me there untill Im old enough
Untill I know I am wise and tough
Cause right now Im too weak
My mouth can barely speak
My days are cold and bleak
And we are on the brink

Over the civil war
Between my heart and yours
Yes we will fight by ourselves
Though I may be a liar
It was just friendly fire
Though I might have been too wrong

Point me to the truth and make me learn
Of everything I have but never earned
Like the way the heart always returns

And I will be much better this time I swear
Ill pull ya back in time and Ill keep you there
The dead hand of the past
Making time go by so fast
Making all my troubles last
And I better die alone and fast

Dont let me hesitate
Dont sit around and wait
While the others are having fun
And I like it better here
Where I can be cold all year
But at least Ill be by myself

La La La La
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