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Port Obrien - My Eyes Wont Shut tab

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My Eyes Won't Shut


G G6 G Bm7 C Riff

Ive got nothing else to do

But waste this lazy afternoon
So I will
     C    Riff  G
So I will

And I take my cue from the old speech tree
Spends all day just watching the breeze float by
Float by

And she watches the Kodiak Bear
Who knows how to live without going nowhere all day
All day

   Am   Am - Gm - Em
My eyes will not  shut
       Am   Am - Gm - Em
And my legs will not  strut
G G6 Bm7 C Riff

I was born to be a clown
But my girls she says to me "turn it down right now"
Right now

I can't help it, can't you see
There's a bright red light that shines on me all day
All day

I spend my time just running around
Chasing myself across the town always

There's a feeling in my gut
Telling me to shut the fuck up

G out
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