Powderfinger - All Of The Dreamers chords

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All of The Dreamers - Powderfinger, from album Golden Rule

Tabbed by: Stroem

Intro:   C - Em

          C        Em
From your tower of ivory
C                      Em  
I hear you rattle your jewellery
         C           Em
But in a hard bitten irony
        C             Em
Youre a pillar of the community

              C           Em
When you come down to the barrio
      C                     Em
Get a feel for the peoples scenario
         F           Em
Its your Grande opportunity
   C                    G 
To steal a march on the enemy

               C          Em                     
Now all of the dreamers
           C             Em
Jumpin at shadows in the dark
           C        Em
Follow the leaders
                C                 G
Dont follow the leaders into the dark

            C                G
Down in the night it gets so cold
           C                G
Under the shadow that youve thrown
       Bm              Em
The disciples stand at dawn
             Bm            Em
Wait for the world to be reformed

        C                G
I never promised you the world
                   C              G                      
I just followed it round as it untwirls
So I string you up and along
With all of the dreamers...
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