Praise And Worship - I Dont Know Where Im Gonna Be Tomorrow chords

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Regular Tempo:

E                             A           E                     Bm    (Pause)
I don't know where I'm gonna' be tomorrow,But I know where I've been. WOOPWOOP!

E              A                   E              Bm      E
I've been with Jesus,and I'll stay right there un-til the end.

Really Fast Singing, chords stay at same speed but you strum faster:

(E)           E
Cause I was a flesh-pleasin' pleasure-lovin' double-bitin' mouth runnin'

Back-bittin' spirit-fightin' thought my life was real excitin'

E                                               Bm   (Pause)
Church-skippin' hell-seeking lost-n-dyin' in my sin. But now I'm

Born again saved from sin trust-n'-him until the end

Hand-raisin' Jesus-praising' spirit filled and screamin' AMEN!!!

E                               Bm                  E  
Chrushin' Satan much is waitin' Jesus, is coming ag-ain

You can repeat all this as much as you want, most people will go faster every 
time... It's a cool thing to do with your youth group or friends.
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