Praise And Worship - Always chords

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Intro: Bm   G   D   A/C#

Did You rise the sun for me?
Or paint a million stars that I might
Know Your majesty?
Is Your voice upon the wind?
Is everything I've known marked
With my maker's fingerprints?

 G         Bm
Breathe on me
        A         D
Let me see Your face
 G    A                
Ever I will seek You

Chorus: D    A/C#  Bm  G
       D/F#  A/C#  Bm  G

'Cause all You are, is all I want, always
Draw me close in Your arms
Oh God, I wanna be with You

Transition to verse 
D    A/C#  Bm  G

Verse2: Bm  G  D  A/C#

Can I feel You in the rain?
Abandon all I am to have You
Capture me again
Let the earth resound with praise
Can You hear as all creation lives
To glorify one name?



Bridge (I wanna be with you)
D  C  Bm  G

Interlude:  (Ever I will seek you)
G  A  Bm  D/F#

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