Praise And Worship - My Heart Sing Praises chords

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Intro:Bb Ė
My heart sings praises,
Each time I say Your name,
This love is deeper,
                [ch]Eb/F[/ch]      F 
Than simples words can say,

You go before me,
To make a perfect way,
My one desire,
Is to give You perfect praise
Bb     Eb                    D
In my heart, You are the power
         Gm                  Fm      
In my night, never failing light
        Bb     Eb
With every breath
                   D                          Gm (F#m-Fm)   
That take Iíll declare the things Youíve done
Repeat Verse1
Bb      Eb                D
In My heart, mighty overcomer
        Gm       F#m   Fm
In my soul, the reason why
Bb     Eb                  D                 Gm  F#m Fm   
In my life, You are the fire that flows beyond  
Repeat from the top,

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