Praise And Worship - Hallelujah chords

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Intro: C Am F C G

Saved by your mercy, found in your grace
Totally surrendered to your embrace
F            C           G
And there's nothing more than you

See your perfection, I'm lost in your peace
Your faithfullness, sings over me
F                  C          G
And your love, is the light of my soul

C      Gm7             F
And I lift my eyes to you
C       Gm7      F
Creator of the world
G         F        C 
And I stand in awe of you
G       F    C
Of your glory
G       F        Am
And I live to worship you
F                G
Son of God, King of Heaven

G          F           C
And the angels round your throne
G      F    C
Cry out holy
G       F          Am
To the one who is to come
F                 G
Hear us sing Hallelujah

C          Am           F    C    G
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
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