Praise And Worship - Lion Of Judah chords

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G                              C            G 
You're the Lion of Judah, the Lamb who was slain 
G                       C            D 
You ascended to heaven and evermore will reign 
G                       C           G 
At the end of the age when the earth You reclaim 
G                   D 
You will gather the nations before You 
D                                                  C    D 
And the eyes of all men will be fixed on the Lamb who was crucified 
D                                                  C      D  
With wisdom and mercy and justice You'll reign at Your Father's side 

G              C    G   D 
And the angels will cry Hail the Lamb 
G                  C    G   D  
Who was slain for the world rule in power 
G               C    G     D  
And the earth will reply You shall reign 
G                        C   G/B  D/A  G 
As the king of all kings and the Lord of  all Lords 

G                                   C            G 
There's a sheild in our hand and a sword at our side  
G                               C            D 
There's a fire in our spirits that cannot be denied 
G                           C              G 
'Cause the Father has told us for these You have died 
G                   D 
For the nations that gather before You 
D                                                C    D 
And the ears of all men need to hear of the Lamb who was crucified 
D                                                  C        D  
Who descended to hell yet was raised up to reign at his Father's 
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