Praise And Worship - Everlasting Father chords

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INTRO: [Ab  Eb  Cm Ab  Eb  Cm  Bb]

Eb Bb/D Cm Ab
Turn my heart to you, O God
Eb Bb/D Cm Ab
Remind me of your promise
Eb Bb/D Cm Ab
You restore what I have lost
Eb/G Bb Cm Ab
Draw me near

Never-failing comforter
My present help in trouble
Though the earth gives way beneath
You are here

Ab Eb Bb
Everlasting Father
Ab Eb Cm - Bb
Enduring love forever
Ab Eb Bb
Your kindness makes me stronger
Ab Eb/G Bb
You run to me
Ab Eb/G Bb
You run to me

Even when I wander far
Your presence never leaves me
Your voice of mercy calls me home
Draws me close

Eb Bb/D Cm Bb
I am loved, I am loved
Ab Eb/G Ab Bb
By my Father, I'm forever yours
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