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Praise And Worship - Awit tab

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If you don't know the chords like D/F# or C/G then play the left part only, so you will
D and C.. Understood?

Intro: G-C(A-D)

G(A)	      C(D)
Sa’yo ang buhay

G(A)	     C(D)
Sa’yo ang awit

G(A)	     C(D)	        D(E)
Sa’yo ang himig ng aming puso

G(A)	  C(D)

G(A)	     C(D)
Bigyang papuri

    G(A)	         C(D)	  D(E)
Ang ating Panginoong Hesu-Kristo

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C/G(D/F#)		G/B(A/C#)
Ihayag sa buong bayan

C/G(D/F#)	           G/B(A/C#)
Dakila ang Kanyang pangalan

Am(Bm)	    G/B(A/C#)	    D(E)
Buong kalikasan Siya’y papurihan
(repeat chorus)
(repeat verse, play the chords in parentheses)
(repeat chorus, play the chords in parentheses)
(repeat intro 2x, play the chords in parentheses)

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