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Pretty Violet Stain - If The Moneys Right tab

Pretty Violet Stain - If The Money's Right
Tabbed by Lee -
If The Money's Right
Pretty Violet Stain

If you're gonna play along with PVS songs on the CD, tune down a half step.

Awesome song this.  oooooh yeeeeeeeeeah.

Intro riff.

This sounds best when you alternate your picking - almost play the two-note chords as if they are single notes.  


and the verse is....

A5 - C5 - Eb

then the "if it's right bit" goes....

E - D5 - G - A - Asus

"leave the radio on all day..."

E - D5 - G - A - Asus

Then back to the intro riff.....

"and we'll be wired all night - if the money's right" bit...

A - Cadd - G - F - G - A

A - Cadd - G - D5

the cool breakdown riff goes....


then it's interspersed with D5...

then at the end it goes...

D5 (let ring)  - C5  (let ring) - ----->>  Eb - Eb - D - A

"shot in the back...."

And the outro is the cool breakdown riff again and the very end goes....

D5 (let ring)  - ----->>  Eb - Eb

If you wanna know the lead parts, drop me a line.

also - if you're into supporting local brissy music - visit my band's website....

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