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Price Rick - Weve Got Each Other tab

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Subject:         Rick Price
   Date:         Sat, 08 Nov 1997 02:57:21 +0800
   From:         Aaron Gan 

We've Got Each Other

By:Rick Price

>From the "Songs From The Heart" album

Transcribed by Aaron Gan 

Tuning: Half-step down


   D     Dsus2   A     Asus4   G      G*     Em    D/F#    Cadd9







  Bb      C      Am    Dm     D/C#   D/B








Dsus2-D (hammer-on the 1st string) D  A  Asus4 A G

Dsus2-D  D  G*

Verse 1:

D                            A Asus4 A  G
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I talked today about me with another friend

D                               Em       A

I promised her I'm gonna get it together again

D       D/C#              D/B        A

She had lots to say about making plans

        Em          D/F#       G       A

And now I'm back to chasing dreams and taking chances


But I laugh along with her

        A Asus4 A   G

Cause I know she cares

D            D/C#     D/B

About me and things I love

Em  D/F#  G  A

And wants to share



You know cause we've got each other


And that's all that matter

D                    Em D/F# G A

We got a love in our hearts, (yeah)


We got each other


And when the whole world scatters

Em       D/F#   G   Cadd9  A

Nothin can tear us apart

               Em  D/F# G A

You know cause we got a love in our hearts

Verse 2:

D                      A Asus4 A     G

Telephone rings in the middle of the night


Says she's got trouble

         Em           A

Wants to give up the fight

           D            D/C#

Seems like everyday you wake up wanting


Just a little more

        Em        D/F#     G        A

And she wonders has it got to be so far


And I stop to remind her

       A Asus4 A G

And it makes her smile

      D         D/C#    C/B

Cause way down deep inside

Em D/F# G A

All the while


Bb            C

Maybe I can't promise you

     Am                 Dm  Dsus2 Bb

That I'll never let you down


But you can be sure there's one thing


I'll always say

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