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Priscilla Ahn - In A Tree chords

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                       IN A TREE - Priscilla Ahn
Tabbed by: Erik Silkensen

Tuning: Standard

Capo VI

Notes:  I'm not sure how accurate this is / or if all the chord names are's a start anyway!  She does a Travis-style finger picking
  that I think you can probably figure out, walking up and down to some
  chords with occasional hammer-ons (though the last chorus is strummed).
  Of course any comments / corrections are appreciated!


    C      C/G    C6/G   Am     G      B      A      A7     D7/F#  Em     Em7

Intro: C Am C x2 G

Living in a tree
Yeah that's where I'd like to be
 C              G
When the world falls down
No one can say nothing
Which I guess means they'll say something
 C            G
But I won't be around

 C           G
I'll be in my tree
 C      G
Living free
       A                    A7    C   Am   G
As any child would wanna be

Chaos in the streets
Lonely hearts bear lonely beats
 C                               G
In a world carved with steel and stone
Miscommunication leads to
Fear and hesitation
 C                     G
And it won't leave me alone

 C           G
But now in my tree
 C          G
I'm living free
       A                    A7
As any child would wanna be

 Am            D7/F#         G              Em
Maybe you and me can make a home for us and someday three
 Am                       D7/F#                 
From the strongest wood of the tallest tree
 B         Em    Em7   A   A7
And we'll be

 C/G  C6/G   Am
Living in a tree
 C/G  C6/G   G
Living free
      A                     A7
As any child would wanna be

Outro: C Am C ... C/G
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