Priscilla Ahn - Masters In China chords

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Masters in China
Priscilla Ahn
(A Good Day - 2008)

Intro: F  (4x)

       F                    F
You've always been bashful, you're just that way
         Dm                             Dm
But your eyes are like billboards, they give you away
     F                       F
Your mouth is a trumpet, somebody else plays
     Dm                        Dm
Long after the notes gone, the tone usually stays

         Bb                        Bb
And your chest a fine pillow, with lining of feather
     Gm                     Gm
Your hair is a family, with strands stick together
Bb                        Bb
Fingers are keys from the grandest piano,
Gm                        Bb        F
played by a line that the Lord only knew

  F                             F
A tongue of an angel, floats in red wine saliva
     Dm                            Dm
Your teeth ravel porclein, made by masters in China
     F                         F
Your face can't be captured by pictures or words
         Dm                    Dm
And your voice is a music that I've never heard

         Bb                      Bb
And your skin is a cream, dipped out beyond measure
     Gm                   Gm
Your nose is a pink color touched by the weather
     Bb                        Bb
Your fingers are keys from the grandest piano
Gm                        Bb        F
Played by a soul that the Lord only knew

  F       E7     Bb   C   F  
Ooooh,  Ooooh, Ooooooooooooooh    (4x)
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