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Procol Harum - Beyond The Pale tab

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Beyond the pale

intro Cm Fm G    riff G B D F G
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          Cm                Gm
Who will search for Holy Grail 
         Fm              Cm
Past the edge beyond the veil 
         Cm               Gm
Who will come beyond the light 
          Fm              Cm
Far from reach beyond all sight 
          G                Cm
Who will share this bitter cup 
         G                  Cm
let the wild dogs tear them up 
         F                   Bbm
let the cold winds blow them down 
           Eb                Ab               
drive them deep beneath the ground 


G               Cm
G               Cm
F                Bbm
Eb              Ab          G       

riff  Ab C Eb F G
intro Cm Fm G       F#m E

Am                E/G# 
Who will live in darkest night 
C		  Dm
Dankest gloom and quietest quiet 
Bb       Dm   Bb
Far from any human sound 
Cm      Eb     G           Abdim G
Buried deep beneath the ground
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