Prodigy - Fuel My Fire drum

Key:   HH = High Hat
     SD = Snare Drum
     CY = Crash Cymbol
     BD = Base Drum
     <  = When it's over a note,
          reduce the noise (only BD)

NOTES: Try to play it at 169 BPM. Play the cymbol a bit quiet.

Main drums:

HH |o-o-o-o-|o-o-o-o-|
SD |----o---|----o---|
BD |o-o---oo|o-o-----|
CY |----o---|----o---|


HH |o---o---|o---o---|
SD |o-----o-|--o---o-|
BD |o-----o-|--o---o-|
CY |o-----o-|--o---o-|


HH |o---o---|o---o---|
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