Project Hayzy - The Red Neck Song chords

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The Red Neck Song

intro:  D   A    Bm       G    C   E    x2  D 

D      A              Bm
  damn cyclists on the road
take up too much room
in their spandex clothes 

         D                A               Bm     
and if i ran one of them over them with my car
it would feel damn good
         A7               F#m
but id probably get the sue

then i start to think...
       F#m                          Bm
so what      if greenies think im a prick

*same as first verse* 

and i love the sound of guns
it makes me feel damn strong
to lock n load is fun

and i sit on my ass, watching old retro movies
making references,
napalm smells like victory

then i start to think... 
so what if greenies think im a prick

D                  A               Aadd9- 
   if i nuked the whales, would it be wrong?
Bm   Daug     D   D/5-   G        A7
    then id hear  bono   say, no more!
D                   A         Aadd9-
  if i dropped jsut one, maybe 2, 3, or 4...

Bm  Daug  D   D/5-   
  G                 A7
chuck norris would say "thats my son!"

*Repeat for last 3 chorus'*

they say that i dont like green peace,
but their wrong i just hate, them all
they dont like red meat, but i love it with bbq sauce
im just a red neck without a cause

these 3 minutes showers shit me 
maybe its better not to wash, at all
they say change to solar, 'cause electricity costs more
greenpeace members have no balls

chuck heston he rocks, and he kicks ass
he would punch any greeny to the face, i can guaruntee that
if i went postal, on every greeny that i saw
the cops would be knocking at my door
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