Promise Of Redemption - Live In Love chords

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This the second tab I've ever done.  
I am a huge Promise of Redemption fan, 
but no one has tabbed this song yet, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  

Hope you enjoy,

Most is fairly accurate with some discrepancies on whether 
the it is a G6 or simply a G major.  Similarly, with the E7 and E13, 
if you decide to add the A string it gives it a more vibrant sound 
but differs a bit from the actual song both live and recorded.

Intro is similar to the chords used throughout the song, 
but for all intensive purposes I am just tabbing the lyrics.

Standard turning or Half step down.  
He uses both, so which ever you prefer.

Intro (plucking)


   Dadd9   G6    E7    E13

Dadd9             G6  E7         E13
It's hard to believe, in much of any thing these days

Dadd9            G6     E7   E13
when every thing falls, all around you what can you say

Dadd9           G6     E7            E13
when all of the words, that float so easily just won't come

Dadd9             G6  E7            E13
it's hard to believe, that my whole body can feel this numb


     G6    E13    E7   D6/9   E13

G6                 E13         E7         D6/9  E13
Just try to remember

G6               E13   
been twirling my hair

E7               D6/9           E13
that same habit you know that i have

G6              E13   
when i close my eyes

E7                     D6/9        E13
this whole situation just seems so bad

G6              E13   
but still got a memory

E7                    D6/9                    E13
and these pictures of you will never leave my side

G6                 E13
and lord knows i'm hurting

E7            D6/9                      E13
but every one knows it hurts to say goodbye


It's just the one thing i've been having the most trouble with
is when i try my best you know i do to just describe
the way that when you looked at me it's like it's heaven sent
and those most beautiful eyes...

and i've been waking at night beside this nervous tick
cause i just don't know if it's possible to get through this
and it's just me and all of your best friends they're by my side
they're trying oh so hard to wipe these tears of off my eyes

G6            E13            E7                D6/9  E13
Just try to remember…


     E7    E13    G6   

E7    E13   

Just how it felt, just how it felt

E7                                                 E13
I find it hard to believe, that you were taken from me

and all of your family, it doesn't make sense

how all these pictures and frames, makes it hard to explain

the way that it rains it's you crying

E7   				                    E13
so i'll hold on to beliefs that one day well be at peace

and when you look down on me, you know i'm trying

just to show the whole work how amazing you are

and when i see all those stars i know your shining

Dadd9 ….let ring 

Tabbed by Aaron Nohrenberg
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