Promise Of Redemption - Remember The First Day chords

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I've been wanting to learn how to play this song for a while, and I just learned it by 
ear. I saw the chords Shane plays live and they seem to match up.

I play mine one half step down (just because I like the sound) so that's why some of the 
chord names may be a bit funny to those playing this in standard. (Chords will still 
sound good either way)


A          D        E
-----    --2--    -----|
--2--    --3--    -----|
--2--    --2--    --1--|
--2--    -----    --2--|
-----    -----    --2--|
-----    -----    --0--|

F#maj(not sure of name) Csus(name?)  C#
-----                   -----    -----|
--2--                   -----    -----|
--2--                   --7--    --7--|
--4--                   --7--    --7--|
-----                   --4--    --5--|
-----                   -----    -----|

(Verse 1)
Well I remember the first day

It was so close to the end of May
It's when I finally opened my eyes

I saw the sun for the first time
Oh and it lied in the form of a beautiful girl
Who would take me on the ride of my life
          E                                     D
And it's just something that I've been dying to know

Well where did you go?
                 D               A
Cause I've been waiting here so long
You know that I've been reading your notes
             A                           D
They always hinted towards the fact that you were coming home
          F#maj              D
And as I struggle with this reality
       A                 E
That this is all that's left of me
        F#maj                   D           A
Half of my heart, my mind, and my body are gone

(Verse 2 - same as verse 1)


A                            Csus         C#
So let's go back down to the bank of that river where
We can dive right in
        Csus                  C#
And forget about the worries from the world outside
A                          Csus           C#
'Cause you know my world, my world's not over
A                 Csus        C#
Because I have an angel on my shoulder


Hope it sounds good!
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