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Puck And Natty - Just Wanna Be Your Friend tab

Just Wanna Be Your Friend - Puck & Natty
3 April 2005,

Stephen Jenkins (from Third Eye Blind) is "Puck".  This song is on the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack.

Capo on first fret.

G     320033
G'    320003
C     .32010
C+    .32013
Cadd9 .32030
D     ..0323
Am    .03320
Em    033000

Intro, Verse, Chorus:
G  C+  G  Cadd9 (repeat)

Prechorus (1st):
I just wanna be (I just wanna)
I just wanna be your friend
I'd like to be your friend...

Prechorus (2st):
Boom, slide a little booty in my room
Singing when we do it and you're always in tune

I'll make a bet by the goddess moon,
You can stand on your own two feet

And still not get them wet
     Am                       Em 
Yeah, you know what I'm saying?
C                            Em   C Em Am 
I just wanna be your friend.

Prechorus (3rd):
It get's crowded here, the three of of us, let's see
There's you and me, and then there's your funky vibe

I'm not your patron saint, I'm just a brave of the tribe
Respectfully, I say to you, I can't abide
But my arms are open wide, and to my friends I've never lied
Inside of me, give it up, let's see
Let there be peace, forward harmony
It's not shallow, it's a natural release, ya know

I'm a child, I don't care, let's play
                                                Am  Em
Talking about tomorrow always messes with today
C      Em                 C Em Am
So let it go that way...
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