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Pulley - Darkside chords

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Key: Bb, Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bb -   x68886
F -    133211
Gm -   355333
Eb -   x68886
G# -   466544
Eb/G - 365xx
Bb/D - x587xx
Cm -   x35543
Fm -   133111
Dm -   xx0231

Intro: Bb--Bb(hold)
Bb-Eb-Bb-Eb-Bb-Eb-Gm-G#- x2

Verse 1:
Bb        Eb
  i could never do 
 Bb        Eb
enough for you
Bb         Eb
  you took all i 
      Gm  G#
could give  
  to leave me 
Eb      Bb
outside in the 
Eb   Bb      Eb
cold am i supposed
      Gm   G# Bb
to forgive?     go
     Eb      Bb
your way and i'll go
Eb  Bb
mine  there's nothing 
Eb      Gm G# Bb
left to say     i'm
better off without
Bb      Eb
someone who would
Bb      Eb          Gm G#
treat a friend this way 

Bb        Eb
  feeling sorry
Bb        Eb  Bb
  for yourself  i don't 
     Eb        Gm F#
feel sorry for you
Bb           Eb
  search for answers 
Bb        Eb
  find no answers
  i don't feel 
Eb        Gm G#
sorry for you

Eb Bb/D Cm Eb/G G#  Eb  
Eb Fm Gm Dm Bb F Bb  
Bb-Eb-Bb-Eb-Bb-Eb-Gm-G#- x2

Verse 2:
Bb             Eb
  support your cause i 
Bb    Eb     Bb
never will believe 
  Eb        Gm G#
a thing you say
Bb             Eb
  the taste of dirt 
  Bb        Eb
inside your mouth
it's the dark side 
Eb      Gm   G#
you can blame
Bb          Eb
  search to find the
Bb      Eb        Bb
answers that were once
  Eb   Gm  G#
Bb        Eb        Bb
  now you find your self
again all alone 
     Eb       G m    G#
with your new friends

(Repeat Refrain)

the loss of
Bb/D           Cm
hope of the forgotten 
Eb/G            G#
dreams i'll get over
you some day you 
           Bb/D  Cm
built this wall around
yourself and you and 
G#             Eb
pushed us all away
Eb        Bb/D
  So many song's 
     Cm   Eb/G
that glorify
this sickness that 
     Eb Eb       Bb/D
decay  standing still
while your hanging
Eb/G        G#
on i'll get over
you someday

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