Pulp - Dont You Want Me Anymore chords

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Don't You Want Me Anymore?
(Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Nick Banks, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey) 

Intro : Fm


On the night that I was leaving
    C#		     Fm
The moon rose in the sky

As I came to fetch my suitcase
And then you began to cry
I've never seen you look so ugly
As the way you did that night
Bb	       C	         Fm
That night was eighteen months ago.
Now I'm two hours from the station
Yeah I'm coming home again
I'm gonna show this town who's master
Soon as I get off this train
You're gonna love me more than ever
And the sun will shine again
And I will kiss your face
And I will make you smile again 

	     F#					 Fm
And then the whole damn town will come on out to welcome me
	      F#			     Fm
Oh, they will open all the doors and give it all to me
Oh, no, but still your voice is ringing in my ears: 

Bbm	  C#	     Fm		
Don't you want me anymore?
Bbm	  C#	     Fm
Don't you want me anymore? 

Oh no, I can't
I can't believe what's happening
I know that, oh, there must be some mistake
You've found yourself another lover
And you're glad we made the break
Oh, you don't even
You don't even wanna see me
You just wanna wave and say goodbye
Go away now and leave us alone
No, this house is not your own!" 


And now the whole damn town has come on out to laugh at me
Oh, they can stare for evermore: you do not care for me!
Oh no, oh they can stare now for a hundred thousand years
Don't you want me anymore?
Don't you want me anymore?
Don't you want me anymore?
Don't you want me anymore?
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