Puscifer - Horizons chords

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Basic chords for Piano. Sounds right to me and it is a fun song to make your own changes 
and variations. Song reminds me of scattering a friend's ashes on a mountain not far 
outside Las Vegas.

Bb                                        Bb/A
Dust devil swept you away. Still not real.

Ash, urn, and silence.

GM7         Em
Talk to me.

Dust devil swept you away.
Bb                Bb/A             GM7
My recollections are all that's left of you.

GM7                    F#
Swirl and sway without me

Bb                      Bb/A
Dust devil swept you away.
GM7                            Em
Whirling playful dancing about you.
Bb                  Bb/A
What’s left of you is
GM7                 F#
Ash and urn and this silent horizon.
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