Queens Of The Stone Age - The Vampyre Of Time And Memory chords

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Artist: Queens of the Stone Age
Song: The Vampyre of Time and Memory
Album: ...Like Clockwork

I've included the rough locations of the chords with the lyrics, but listen to the 
song to get exact timing.
This is, of course, just the chords. This is a lovely song, played mostly on 
piano, with the whole band joining later.
It could probably be adapted nicely for acoustic guitar, or whatever.

No offense to the other tabs, but this is definitely way more accurate!


     Dm  Dm/C  Dm/B  F    A   Bb  [ch]Abdim7[/ch] E7   G    C     G* (1st inversion)

Intro (Piano): 

Dm  Dm/C  Dm/B  F  A


(A...)  Dm             Dm/C
I want God to come and take me home
            Dm/B               F      A 
'Cause I'm all alone in this crowd

*(The same for the rest of the verse)*

Who are you to me? Who am I supposed to be?
Not exactly sure anymore
Where's this going to? Can I follow through?
Or just follow you...for a while?

Bridge/Chorus thing:

      Bb   [ch]Abdim7[/ch]           A
Does anyone ever get this right?
   Bb   Abdim7   A
I feel   no     love

Instrumental section: Dm  Dm/C x4 

Verse: (same as previous verse, for the most part)

Ain't no confusion here, it is as I feared
The illusion that you feel is real
To be vulnerable is needed most of all
If you intend to truly fall apart

(A...)         Dm              E7
You think the worst of all is far behind
        Bb                F        G
The Vampyre of time and memories has died
       Bb                F
I survived. I speak, I breathe, 
I'm incomplete
     Bb         C
I'm alive - hooray!
      G* or Dm/B  (not so sure about this chord, sorry!)
You're wrong again
          Bb    [ch]Abdim7[/ch]    A
'Cause I feel    no     love

      Bb   [ch]Abdim7[/ch]           A
Does anyone ever get this right?

Guitar solo: 

      Bb   [ch]Abdim7[/ch]   A x2

Final Chorus:

      Bb   [ch]Abdim7[/ch]           A
Does anyone ever get this right?
   Bb   [ch]Abdim7[/ch]   A
I feel    no    love
   Bb   [ch]Abdim7[/ch]   A
I feel    no    love

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