Queens Of The Stone Age - The Vampyre Of Time And Memory chords

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****Based on Kesh21's tab found HERE: 
They did all the work, I simply transposed for playing with a capo. ****

capo 5


Am                          G
I want god to come, and take me home
         D                  C      E
Cos I'm all alone, In this crowd
Am                         G
Who are you to me, who i'm supposed to be
      D               C      E
Not exactly sure, anymore
             Am               G
Wheres this going to? Can I follow through?
           D               C       E 
Not just follow you, for a while


      F     B            E
Does anyone ever get this right?
    F   B   E              
I feel no love

Repeat for verse 2


Am                              B
You think the worst of all - Is far behind
      F                   C          D
The vampire of time and memories, has died
F                      C          D
I survived, speak or breathe,  I'm incomplete
F                  G
I'm alive, Hurraaaey
D                       F    B    E
Your wrong again, cos I feel no love

Chorus x2
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