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Quruli - Race tab

Song: Race
Album: Antenna
Artist: Quruli
Label: JVC Japan

It's a pretty hard intro to get from this tab alone...and to get it right you should 
to the song and try to get the odd timing down.

It's in drop D. It only has TWO parts: the intro riff that is repeated at various parts 
the song, and a chorus.

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E  :-----0-2-0-2-0-----|------------------|-----------------|
B  :---3-----------2---|------------------|---------3-------|
G  :-------------------|0--2-3--2-0-------|-----2-----------|
D  :-------------------|------------------|---0-------------|
A  :-------------------|------------------|0----------------|
D  :0------------------|------------------|-----------------|

E  :-----------------|-----------------|----------------|
B  :---------3-------|---------3-------|-----------1---1|
G  :-----2-----------|-----2-----------|-----------2---2|
D  :---0-------------|---0-------------|----------------|
A  :3----------------|2----------------|----------------|
D  :-----------------|-----------------|3---5---0-------|

E  :2----------------|3----------------|
B  :3----------------|3----------------|
G  :2----------------|3----------------|
D  :0----------------|0----------------|
A  :0----------------|-----------------|
D  :0----------------|-----------------|
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