R5 - Keep Away From This Girl chords

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Keep Away From This Girl by R5

Capo 1

Verse: Am, Em (x4)

Pre-Chorus: Dm, F, G

Chorus: Am, G, F, Em, Dm, Em, F, G (x2)

Bridge: Am, F, G, Am, G, Am
           Am, F,  G, Am, G,  F

This is the whole song sorry i don't have the lyrics I typed them all out and it was 
perfect but then my computer decided to delete it all -_- and I didn't have time to type 
the lyrics and place the chords

This is all by ear so sorry if it's not very good but it works if you play it with them :)

Again sorry about the lyrics, I hope you all find this tab beneficial :)
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