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Ra Ra Riot - Ghost Under Rocks chords

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Don't let the plethora of sounds put you off, this is actually a surprisingly
 easy song.  The strumming pattern is continuous 8th notes (8 strums per 
measure) and this can be played with an open bridge.  My preference, however,
 is to put the capo on the 3rd fret - making most of the chords open.

Chords you will need (the song is in Cm / D#):


Order for song:

Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Outro


1x : Cm (4x)

2x : Cm (2x) , D#  , A# , G# , Cm , A# (2x)
Note: This is the same as the Chorus


3x : Fm (2x) , D# (2x)

1x : Fm (2x) , A# (2x)
Note: This is also known as the Pre-Chorus


2x : Cm (2x) , D# , A# , G# , Cm , A# (2x)

Bridge: The overall structure of the Bridge is 3:4 as opposed to 4:4 for the rest of the song

5x : G# (2x) , Gm (2x) , Fm , [Cm  D#]
Note: C and D# each get half a "measure"

1x : G# (2x)


1x : Cm (2x)
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