Rachel Sermanni - The Fog chords

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As the other chords' version might sound fine but is completely different to what Rachel 
plays, here is the one given me by a good man who managed to figure it out. It sounds 
really good and fairly close to the original to me.

Here are the (few) chords played:
Fm = x24432
[ch]Fm/Eb[/ch] = x04432
[ch]Fm/Db[/ch] = 3x4432
Em = x13321
[ch]Fm/C[/ch] = 2x4432
C9 = 212020
[ch]C7/Bb[/ch] = x7897x
[ch]C7/Bb[/ch] (Bb down octave) = 078970
Ebsus2sus4 = x02430
Db = 355433
C = 24432
Db6 = 355400
Bbm = 022000
Eb = 577655
G = x4666x

Put a capo on the 6th fret and follow this basic picking (Fm example):

I hope it is clear enough... yes I know that the names of the chords are not related to 
the capo (forgive me), but the fingering is.
Shall we begin then?

Fm [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch] [ch]Fm/Db[/ch] Fm Em
Fm [ch]Fm/C[/ch] [ch]Fm/Db[/ch] [ch]Fm/Bb[/ch] C9

Fm                   [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]            [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]               Fm
Deep deep down under mountains I have heard them call my name
Will I play their little game and tell them
Fm                       [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]           [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]       Fm
Deep deep down I've been waiting for the fighting to begin
Hold my hands on
Fm                    [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]             [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]        Fm
Deep sleep now, under skies of pressing dark upon my dress
Em                                        Fm
Watch it turn from white to red under the bone clean moon
     [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]            [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]           Fm
I am clinging to this burning shaking bed
Must I hold my hands up
[ch]C7/Bb[/ch] (Bb down octave)
My bloody hands up

Fm Ebsus2sus4 Bb
Fm C Db6

Fm            Ebsus2sus4 Bb
Mercy, mercy, I've been caught
Fm            Em
Lying with my darkest thought
Bbm          Eb               G      Fm   C 
They grab my wings and pin me to the wall
Fm                     Ebsus2sus4 Bb
Oh light please try to hold your ground
Fm                  Em
Lift me up before I drown
    Bbm                  Eb
The din creeps 'neath my skin
            G                Fm
And I can't hear no Goodness speak

Fm [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch] [ch]Fm/Db[/ch] Fm Em
Fm [ch]Fm/C[/ch] [ch]Fm/Db[/ch] [ch]Fm/Bb[/ch] C9

From the neighbouring town
          [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]            [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]         Fm
There's a boy who comes to sing upon our street
  Em                                 Fm
I watch him from the window thinking deep deep down
        [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]        [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]         Fm
He'd be richer if he just became a thief
Instead he holds his hands out
Fm                 [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]
I walk down to the river
          [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]         Fm
Stand and shiver in the wind
      Em                                  Fm
Throw stones to watch them sinking to the icy blue
       [ch]Fm/Eb[/ch]         [ch]Fm/Db[/ch]  Fm
Let it rise above my ankles
I don't want this darkness
[ch]C7/Bb[/ch] (Bb down octave)          Fm  C Db6
But the sun just falls from the sky


If anything I wrote is wrong it is because it is 2:38 in the morning... and if it is 
right instead, then thank that good man, as I already said.
Have fun spending - at least - one week learning how to play this song.
I shall soon be writing the tab to Sleep aswell.
Good night for now!
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