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Rachelle Ann Go - When You Find Your Voice tab

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Intro: E-F#m-E/G#-A
C#m     A                        E       B
I know you wanna speak but thereís no sound
C#m     A                     E     B
Canít say whatís goin on inside right now
Silent tears give away
 A         E
What you cannot reveal
   C#m                F#m
You let your fear take control
Of what you feel
 E                         F#m
When you find your voice inside your heart
         E/G#                E
I will be there for you wherever you are
When you find the strength to speak
         F#m             B
The words will come to you
When you find your voice
Youíll be silent no more
And like a thundering waterfall
Am                              G#m
All that you held back so long
F#m        B                         D     B
Will pour out of you when you find your voice

Verse: Do cp verse
Sometimes youíve got to fall to rise again
To find a rhyme or reason for the pain
And when your time has come
Youíll tell the world all youíve held deep within
(Repeat Chorus)
C#m A                     E          B
Even if it takes a hundred days for you
C#m                   A
The quite will be shattered
E                      B   C
When you finally come through
(Repeat Chorus)
Your voice
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