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Radical Face - Chewing Bottles tab

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My voice never made it in time

	 Bm      A      G  
And they hung me out to dry

My words never bother to rhyme

      Bm     A      G
And I always wonder why

Bm			     A
So now I've taken to chewing bottles

To see if I still bleed


D 	A G (x3)

The king has to beg for his meals
    Bm	       A      G
The times just get me down

But I'm just a spoke in the wheel

     Bm     A  G
I'll always be around

Bm				A
And now our plans are just like trash in the breeze

Bm			   A
They never stay afloat for long

But I'll take my chances

And shake the hands of those who think that 

	      D	        A  G
they're still free
		   D    	A  G
That they're still free

		   D    	A  G
That they're still free

		   D		A  G
That they're still free

Come on

D 	A G (x4)

(Listen for when to pause here, not difficult)

D		  G
Grab your torches

It's time to burn this town

Like men on porches
No one will make a sound

So find the pieces

And build another one

We always need it

Because it's never done

D G Bm A (x2)

D        G
It's all great

Bm	A
I can't breathe anymore

D     G
Still awake

Bm      A
When my face hits the floor

D         G
Spent the day

Bm          A
Watching waves eat the shore

D       G
I can't stay

Bm     A		D	G
No one sings anymore              (x9)

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-Ben Malley
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