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Radical Face - Severus And Stone chords

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Intro: D Bm G
The Bm and G are played in quick succession, like the chords in the song. If you choose 
you could fingerpick the D to make it more like the actual song.

D                                  Bm G
all the trees stood like skeletons
D                         Bm G
silhouettes of spilled ink
D                                    Bm                 Bsus2
and the snows fell in sheets and got wrapped around our feet
Bsus2                           A
we built the fire evermore with winter beating at the door

Bm Bsus2

D                                  Bm G
brother's eyes were getting heavier
D                            Bm G
his bony hands cold and white
D                                              Bm           Bsus2
and I could hear his ragged breathing like the wind along a knife
Bsus2                        A                          G
there beside him through the night, in the hum of candlelight
Bsus2                D
I no longer felt the time

D Bm Bsus2 A

brother woke just after midnight
and he didn't make a sound
D                                                               Bm
and as he climbed from out of bed with severed rings around his head
Bsus2           A         D
his feet didn't touch the ground

I could feel it then
a tiny miracle
so I followed him
into the woods
crossed beneath the trees
A          Bm
but only I left my prints in tow
he was afloat
found a lonely tree
A        Bm
and tied himself within its limbs
and he said to me these words:
"don't you fear for me,
A                          D
I am where I'm supposed to be."

and when I woke he was gone
and I was wrapped in blankets on the lawn
Bm                      Bsus2
the sky was blue and my skin matched the hue
and I could hear mother crying in your room
from here on out I wear this face for both of us

G A Bm G x2

D Bm G x2

Finish on D.
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