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Radical Face - Summer Skeletons chords

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Put a capo on the third fret. If you're tuned a half-step down to play other 
Radical Face songs, then capo the fourth instead.

Intro: G

                       C        Em
We were sun-burned and shoeless kids
           D       G
It was the dead of July
        C        Em             D       G
We were skippin' stones in the failing light
              C    Em
I smelled the fire place
                 D     G
Although we were miles away
        C    Em
We were infinite
There was no time in those days

D                       C
When all we knew wasn't stolen
G                         D
There was nothing real to lose
When our heads were still simple
G                      D
We'd sleep beneath the moon
You were something
             G       D
That would always be around
                  C             G
When regrets were nowhere to be found

G C G D G Em C D x4

G         C        Em
Lost out among the trees
    D                  G
Our hands scraped the bark
              C      Em
You still had bloody knees
          D            G
From your spill in the dark
             C        Em
We were both laughing then
                  D            G
While carving bad words in the wood
          C       Em      D
We had no need to speak

G C D x4, build up A G into the verse

G      C           Em
Night, down by the shore
        C           G
We were down by the shore
G        C            Em
When the skies opened up
            C          Gm       G
And all the stars fell into the lake
         C         Em
When the water was warm
          C       G
Walked in over my head
                  Em         C       D Gm G
But you pulled me out by the collar of my shirt

***The Gminor chords in that verse are optional, in the song it sounds like only 
the piano drops into the minor chord briefly***

G C Em C G C Em D G x2, but on the second extend the D instead of going into G

G           C     Em         D
Dirt in our ears, sun in our eyes
G              C     Em          D
Shirts hung in rags, head in the clouds
G                C      Em                D
Our fears had no teeth, hearts were still blind
G          C            Em      D
You barely talked and I didn't mind 

G C Em C G Em D x2, end on G

Tabbed by magicalzebra
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