Radical Face - A Pound Of Flesh chords

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My feet plow on
From light to dawn
B        B            Abm
My empty belly and my body aches
Ainít hard to take
Abm         Gb    B
Next to the weight

I carry in my chest
A pound of flesh
B            B      Abm
Could never tip the scale that Iíve made
I should have stayed
Abm       Gbm   E 
But I was never wise

E                         Gb                 Abm    
I hear your voices in the wind that cuts the night
E                         Gb                              B
And I pray to whatever is listening thingsíll be all right

B      B6          Abm
Oh, my boy, you're alive
Abm                Gb
Your heart's still beating
B            B6              Abm
So donít you mind, donít you mind
             Gb      E   
We all drift sometimes

E                     Gb                       Abm   
I can still hear your feet as you ran from the house
E                    Gb           Abm                   Eb      
Knowing you wonít be back doesnít mean that I will stop waiting
E                         Gb                      Abm   Eb
You told me then, hold me down, hold me up to the fire
E                          Gb
But donít you dare hold me back

Abm                       Gb

E                 Gb                          Abm
I see your face's in the clouds that scar the night
E                    Gb                             B
And I pray to whoever is listening thingsíll be all right

Abm                          Gb
Then today I wake up feeling easy
Eb                            E
Find Iím on the more familiar roads
Abm                        Gb      
I got a darkness wrapped inside me
B                                  E
But now it ainít so hard to let it go
Abm                             Gb  
So keep a candle burning in the window
Iím almost home
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