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Radiohead - Nude chords

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This is the basic chord progression that I figured out. (A hint to help you figure this
is that the beginning is the same as the ending played in reverse, which means you can
the chords backwards in one part to figure out the other one.)((I know some of my chords 
not agree with that theory, but this is probably the most basic way you'll find to
Nude is in the key of E major.

Intro: Am   Em   Am  Em

Aadd9    C#m7
Oooooooooooooooooooo...  x2

Aadd9    G#m

G#m           G#
Don't get any big ideas,

A       E            C#m    B
They're not gunna happen.

G#m                     G#
You paint yourself white and fill up with noise

A        E               C#m    B
There'll be something missing.

G#m7                         Aadd9
Now that you've found it, it's gone.

G#m7                 Aadd9
Now you feel it, you don't.

you've gone off the rails.

G#m             G#
So don't get any big ideas

A       E            C#m    B
They're not gunna happen.

Ooooooooo... You'll go to hell

              A     E       C#m       B
For what your dirty mind is thinking.

G#m7     Aadd9
Oooooooo... x2

C#m7     Aadd9

E        Am
Ooooooooo... x2

C   Cadd11  Am7    Am6

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