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Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees tab

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"Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead

Done by Matt Simpson -

Corrections to file done by: ***noted with stars***
>This file done by: "Glenn Rubenstein"
>Special thanks to:

This is mainly correct, except F#m is wrong, the chord is actually 2x0220 (maybe Dsus4dim/F#???)
And there is an E in there as well (added) played with 022120

*E*: 022120
*Ddim*: 2x0220

Corrected Version:

A                         *Ddim*
Her green plastic watering can
                       *E*   D
For her fake chinese rubber plant
              A     D
In the fake plastic earth
A                             *Ddim* 
That she bought from a rubber man
                   *E*   D 
In a town full of rubber plans
       A      D 
To get rid of itself

 ***Now, the Bm is actually a Bm11, and the A is played differently

Bm(11): 7x0770
A : x07650

It wears her out..
It wears her out..
It wears her out..
It wears her out

The rest of the song is played the same way, see previous version for full song.


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