Radiohead - You Never Wash Up After Yourself chords

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I hope you like these chords :)

Dm:    xx0231
Dm/C:  x30231
Dm/G:  300231
G7:    320001
C:     x32010
C/B:   x22010
Am:    x02210
F*:    100210  -> if you choose to strum the chords, just play a regular F
G:     320003
E:     022100
C*:    x32013  

Play every chord like this:

e|-------x-----| but not when the E string isn't played. If that's the case, 
B|-----x---x---| play the lowest string that is played instead of the E 
G|---x-------x-| string.

Dm Dm/C Dm/G G7 C C/B Am Am
F* G E Am C* G C* C*

Dm             Dm/C      Dm/G   G7      
I must get out once in a while 
C             C/B         Am   Am 
Everything is starting to die 
F*       G            E     Am 
The dust settles, the worms dig 
C*            G        C*   C*
Spiders crawl over the bed 

Dm             Dm/C      Dm/G   G 
I must get out once in a while 
C                 C/B     Am   Am 
I eat all day and now I'm fat 
F*          G       E           Am 
Yesterday's meal is hugging the plates 
C*                G         C* 
You never wash up after yourself

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