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Radiohead - Sit Down Stand Up tab

RADIOHEAD - Sit Down Stand Up
Album - Hail to the Thief
Released - 2003
Tab by S. Gledhill aka carts (;

Main tune/Riff

- Far easier with Capo on 8th fret
        Sit down....
           F      Gadd9       Fadd9
 E |----9--8------8----8------8---8----8---8---|
 B |----9--9------9----11-----9---11---9---12--|
 G |----10-10-----8----8------8---8----8---8---| Repeat
 D |----10-10-----10---10-----10--10---10--10--|
 A |-8-----------------------------------------|
 E |------------11---11------9---9----9---9----|

(Easy way to bluff the melody)
Intro/Main Riff

                        (Repeats this section)
                po  ho             po  ho

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