Radiohead - Prove Yourself tab

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G   = 320033
C/G = x30033
C   = x32010
Am  = x02210
C/B = x2001x

G	G/C			 G
I can't afford to breath in this town 
G	G/C			 G
Nowhere to sit without a gun in my hand
G      C	     D	     G 
Hooked back up to my cathode ray 

C   C/B	       C
I'm better off dead


e -----------
B -----------
G ------0h2-0-
D --0h2------
A -----------
E ----------- (2x)

Am C
    Prove Yourself (2x)

I wanna breath I wanna grow 
I'd say I want it but I don't know how 
I work, I bleed, I beg, I pray 
But I'm better off dead 
Prove Yourself 

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