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Rahsaan Patterson - Aprils Kiss tab

Artist: Rahsaan Patterson
Album: After Hours (2004)
Song: April's Kiss

OK, the thing about these tabs is that they're not
designed for bass, so i added little certain things
in between measures that are more "solo-like" to
compensate for bass riffs in the song that i could
never figure out. My friend gave me a good basis for
the riffs, but since i don't have an electric guitar
it didn't sound too right, so for all i know, this
may not sound too right on an electric guitar lol.
i don't know, you'll figure it out on your own.

1st Part, Intro
(G)-----------4-------9-----9------9--8--9-|  (repeat 3 times)


The next part I could never figure out because chords
seem to sound different on electric guitars rather
acoustic. My friend figured them to be like this:


All it really is holding the 11th fret with your index
while your middle and ring go up and down the b string
on the 12 and 13 frets, however, when you are on the
13th fret of B, you want to make sure that you only
stroke the B string. The rest is pretty easy. The whole
song is a variation of these tabs, so as you listen and
play along, you'll be sure to figure out the best way
for you to play it on your own whether you have an
acoustic or an electric guitar. Have a nice summer and
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