Railroad Earth - Lovin You chords

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In standard tuning, capo 2nd fret...

G - G - G - G
C - C - C - Am

G      D      Am         G       D        C
Grab a cup in morning... out and meet the day
G       D        Am      G       D             C
Share a glass at night... tell me how it was today

Am               C             G      D     
I've been lovin' you... for so lo  -  ng
Am             C               G (to intro)
I'll be lovin' you... 'til I'm gone

Verse 2-
Every song, every story... Every taste, every town
Every hope, every worry... Every road I've been down

Verse 3-
Should this journey be ending?.. time carry you away
I put on a brave face... get out and start again
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